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Real name

Niclas Vedefors








Famous quotes
"sa aldrig att jag ville ha en liten mus"
"kan inte lira nu grabbar, ligger med en barbar i sangen"
"hangon, just need to turn off miley cyrus"


rasta, rastaman, rastamuttan, rusti

Luckily being born into the vast riches that the northern parts of Sweden has to offer, this luck quickly vanished as his family moved him to the southern parts of Sweden. But as the southern parts of Sweden is located closer to the QuakeWorld servers, all in all he was probably satisfied with the relocation. Beginning his career early as a high ping player his accomplishments have been modest, but back in those days connection and setup was a large factor in your gameplay and did not always tell the whole story for alot of players. This was the case for Niclas.
Fastforwarding a few years into the future, this is a fact that is painfully obvious, as once he got a decent setup with a good connection, he is wreaking havoc in the scene and you have to be blind to not the see the amazing potential this, by QuakeWorld standards, young player brings. As a very recent addition to the team we have full faith in him giving his gaming career a full-hearted try and expect many great accomplishments from him in the years to come.