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Real name

Johan Mared








Famous quotes
"nåt som vore fett va om man kunde komma ner i strumpan"
"oh vad det skoet floent det har spelet"


Lord Mulvert, Marre, Muvie

One can only guess on the true identity of "mawe". Rumor has it that mawe is THE former known player Phantasy. If you ask racersnigeln, kp or cage, they might shed some light on the subject, after they spent years of difficult undercover work trying to find one sole answer. One thing we know about him, though, is his whereabouts. Currently living in the picturesque subtopia Mörby, just outside Stockholm, he's not keen to stay in one place too long. In hidden away training habitats he secretly practise the arts of ninja and kung-fu. He moves around his habitats seamlessly, as he's a social animal, bonding freely with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Another mystery around him is that he occasionally tries to top his own beer drinking record, everytime finding himself surprised by how drunk he could get from only drinking beer.

In Quakeworld terms, mawe is a pretty young player. Starting off in clan Baconmen - always chewing bubble gum at this time - he eventually got recruited to Star Alliance, where he became friends with the likes of reppie, goblin and bps. Eventually the Godfather of SD sprung forth with an irresistable offer, and the deal was sealed.