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Real name

Jonas Frejd








Famous quotes
" - great offers!"
"guuud vad det schpänner!"
"jag fastna' me gylfen i en knapplift"


lw, liselvis, litskurbitz, lethalkrawitz

Jonas showed his prowess at an early stage of his career. Playing with Warriors of the Realm, a notorious QuakeWorld CTF clan that won the Swedish Championships back in 1998. Not only were they a successful CTF clan, but their skill translated very well into Team Deathmatch where they were feared as some of the scenes greatest.
Being a solid player when the competition is thick is a very telling treat of a person, and this is no exception for Jonas. Even though he suffered from inactivity due to obligations in real life and short dives into other games, he never let QuakeWorld go. Jonas has been a loyal member of Suddendeath´s second team for some time now and meanwhile getting known for his sense of humour, friendly manner and a never-say-die mentality. However, as of recent he felt that the time has come for him to get back into the shape and skill he knows he possesses, which is why he made the transition into the primary squad of Suddendeath, where we are very glad to have him and hopeful that he will be able to reach the level we all know he can.