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Real name

Andreas Wahl








Famous quotes
"såh såh såh såh såh SÅÅÅH"
"va heter den där mappen med högre graviditet?"


poppnallen, rockbjörnen, las palmas poppynall, andehrs

Andreas is a very young man seen in the eyes of the QuakeWorld scene. In any other game, he is probably considered passed his prime. This fact did not hinder this young talent from picking up one of the most hardcore games to date in 2008, playing for dear life with a fierce determination, having some of the best movement skills in the scene and an incredible talent. Climbing the ranks with a never-say-die mentality from the start, the sky is truly the limit. Perhaps his true passion lies within the solo experience of QuakeWorld, as he fancies duels a great deal. This raw talent however, translates well to Team Deathmatch where his lack of routine is heavily outweighed by his skillset.
Being one of the younger members of the team, he is often treated like a little brother. He is well taken care of in every sense of the word, but that does not stop the rest of the team from teasing and treating him like the little brother he is. Joining up with the Suddendeath secondary team early in his career has cemented his position within the family and we have high hopes to see this young man perform to the height of his talent.