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  • Andeh in the spotlight

    Suddendeath´s very own Andreas "andeh" Wahl has done alot of work recently for the QuakeWorld community, mainly with the stream, but also as a news writer and various other projects. It´s not every day that hard work pays off. Maybe you´ll get some appreciation, maybe you won´t, and maybe, just maybe, you´ll get interviewed by the notorious interviewer and FPS enthusiast Duncan "Thorin" Shields. Click the link below to find out what they were talking about...

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  • Suddendeath champions of EQL18!

    Suddendeath EQL18 champions

    After a somewhat lackluster season of EQL, Suddendeath stands at the top of the hill once again. EQL17 was such a great season with quite a few top teams with very well distributed skill among them. Alot of people enjoyed watching division 1 because there was never a clear winner until the very last map was played. Suddendeath got an honorable silver medal in that stacked season and we were very eager to redeem ourselves, but our rivals decided to completely leave the field of battle thus denying us that opportunity.

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  • From waterboy to member!

    We have our supporting waterboys that always supply us with whatever we need in different moments. If we need a drink during a game, they get it. If we need a condom so that we can "få knullt", they fix that too. They are a nice bunch of supporting ppl to Suddendeath. Yesterday one of those guys took a big step in his career. feffe was brought in as a full member of Suddendeath and will play together with the SD2 team next EQL. We are glad to see an upcoming star joining forces with us and wish him good luck in our proud legion! Welcome brother.

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  • Monster prac series

    Monster prac session with tVS on a friday night. Who could've guessed...

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  • Trash showing some Bondeskills

    Albeit on paper tough opposition, Trash helped carrying the team to a close victory on dm2 this saturday. In caras absense, he got his chance to shine. And shine he did! Everything needed for success was a dust feather to remove a few layers of rust from this old frag dog.

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What we are

Suddendeath is a finely aged QuakeWorld TDM clan that was founded around 1997 by Trash. Ever since, activity has varied but throughout the passing of time the clan has established itself as one of today´s very best TDM clans.
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