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When i started this clan back in -97 i had one goal... we were going to be nr1. Ofcourse back then I didnt realize that i needed 15 years to get the right team together to make it all the way =) We have had so much players passing through the clan over the years, and its been both worse but also very very strong players. We have never really got it together in the lineups to get all the way to the very top, even though we have been very close several times. This years eql we decided early that we were going to have a lineup of 4 players only. 4 hardcore quakers with so much experience together. Bps, Carapace, Ganon, Rst. We knew we had a kickass lineup that could beat any team. I think most of the scene thought that we could make it to the playoffs, end even get into the final with this years lineup in EQL. AND WE DID! The semifinal vs c88 was a thriller, but we managed to take it down, and get into the final vs the mighty tVS. We finally beat those vodkadrinking saunafinns in a final...FINALLY! So i can only say this: After all these years, all this hard work by the clan, all blood and sweat... we are the CHAMPIONS of 4on4 Quakeworld.



BIG BIG GZ ! but there is one more thing...without US "water boys" SD could not get this title(dozens of red bulls, powerades etc), am I right boys ? :D


(special thanks to Coach Leif and to our waterboys, all doing a good job)