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Suddendeath champions of EQL18!

Suddendeath EQL18 champions

After a somewhat lackluster season of EQL, Suddendeath stands at the top of the hill once again. EQL17 was such a great season with quite a few top teams with very well distributed skill among them. Alot of people enjoyed watching division 1 because there was never a clear winner until the very last map was played. Suddendeath got an honorable silver medal in that stacked season and we were very eager to redeem ourselves, but our rivals decided to completely leave the field of battle thus denying us that opportunity. There is not much we could do about that, so we just decided to run with it and try to do our best despite motivation and inspiration dwindling down a little bit due to the lack of challenge and excitement. We´ll keep looking forward and if the next season of EQL is anywhere near the quality of EQL17 I know that we will rally our troops to a common cause; (Quake)World Domination.