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Real name

Andreas Johansson








Famous quotes
"I´m ganon!"


kryptoman, oreganon, unibrownon ->

Locally known for his cooking skills, this young master was borned and raised in Umeå, northern Sweden. Dwelling in dorms, breathing reused air and living in a never sleeping environment, this fearsome player managed to pull himself together and focus on his quakeworld skills. Playing a few convincing seasons playing with clan Teamkillers; which can be seen as his stepping stone - he eventually was invited to the royal SD house of honours. One of his most notable characteristics - his reflex aim - quickly made him well known in dm4 games, and for oftentimes winning sg percentage in 4on4 games.

Being a prominent law student, he also brings alot of logic and justice to the table. This is a feature that comes in handy when team games gets the most chaotic. Paradoxically, he's having a hard time keeping his personal micro management at par, with things such as keeping a constant flow of snus in his fridge. Ganon is also known to figure around various shady and bootlegging persons, often of Indian origin. Rumours also whispers that ganon has a morbid fondness to his shared laundry room, to which he try to visit regularly to sooth his senses.