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Real name

Fredrik Söderquist








Famous quotes
"my oldest friend is younger than me"


fuffens, fefferoni, feffe eng

Fredrik started his carreer way back when QuakeWorld was still a baby. He remembers playing a hpw game against Unspoken and getting beat pretty badly, but that didn´t discourage him from keeping on playing. With most people who started their carreers that early, they left QuakeWorld alone after a few years to pursue other things in life or even new games. The same thing holds true for feffe. After a long break of many, many years, he got the urge to enjoy the most actionpacked and pure FPS game there is once again. Feffe quickly realized how to get back into shape and improve in a fast pace, putting his efforts on the basics such as movement and aim. He lacked experience in TDM though, which was the game mode that interested him the most. This lead him to play around in the lower brackets of EQL with low tier clans that had an abundance of members but barely any activity. Suddendeath noticed this lone, promising swede in a sea of inactive players. His drive, activity and pleasant attitude made the decision to recruit him an easy one. Just after he joined Suddendeath, the second Kitchen LAN was held in Stockholm, and it wasn´t even a question for him if he was attending or not. We´ve been very happy with the recruitment ever since.