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  • Locktar decides to mix things up

    Getting bored by old, inadequate settings, Locktar recently decided to adjust to current competition by altering his ancient config to the better. He can now report what he's currently carrying, without misleading his teammates into certain death by reporting "RLG" even as a newly spawned. Let's see how great impact this will have on his coming performances.

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  • Match result: internal prac

    Internal prac with Adde standin

    In the slumbering scene as of now, we're all glad to pull of a 4on4 game once in a while, with balanced and good teams. This time Adde stepped in and filled the 8th spot. It was a nice and tight game.

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  • New member: rio joins SD"

    We welcome rio to Suddendeath! He will play with the guys in Suddendeath2 in second div. A nice add to the roster as he fits directly into the family being a friend of the clan for a long time. Check out the members page to read all about him and the others, and most of all - see our beautiful fighting faces! View post - 1 comments
  • A word from the Godfather

    First of all i have to say a VERY big thank you to bps for making this amazing new homepage for us, and the same goes to carapace for helping him out. These guys has put in hours and hours to make this thing and it just makes me fucking proud to be a part of Suddendeath today. I think this is a thing that's missing in todays qw community... homepages with info, matchreports, news, etc. I remember the good old days when you surfed around enemy clans pages daily just to find out about last played matches, new members and so on. So for fucks sake - LET'S BRING CLANPAGES BACK! So...

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  • New member: rst joins SD'

    rst, also know as rasta, is declared to have joined Suddendeath. He's a good fighter with a long combat history on his neck, having played in many good clans and 2on2-teams. We now warmly welcome him to the family and Suddendeath┬┤s primary squad! View post - 2 comments

What we are

Suddendeath is a finely aged QuakeWorld TDM clan that was founded around 1997 by Trash. Ever since, activity has varied but throughout the passing of time the clan has established itself as one of today┬┤s very best TDM clans.
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