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  • Interview with Trash after Salvation Draft Div 2 victory

    This sunday, our homeboys trash and rio showed their opponents where the locker shall stand! It was the Grand Final, in second division, between Ganon Team 2 and Paradoks Team 2. Our guys took it home convincingly with 3-1 in maps. Just after the victory, molecule headed out into the mixed zone where press can interact with players, and got hold of trash for a short interview. Read on to hear what the Godfather has to say!

    sd-m0lle: Congratulations to the victory! nice! feelings?

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  • The Wizard's new haircut.

    The Christmas season is aglow with social and online gatherings.

    Our own LethalWiz who has already started his vacation, added some additional spark to the holidays by going to his local hairdresser Antoine de Bagarmossé today.

    We tried to reach "LW" for a comment, but he's probably hiding in a sand storm sipping whiskey.

    Anyways we think the result speaks for itself.
    This is for all the ladies out there in the QuakeWorld community - enjoy.

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  • SD and the Salvation Draft

    This season of the draft got a bit delayed and was in the riskzone of not being held until january. The admins thought better of it, since the scene was literally screaming for some 4on4 action to get going again. Just like the previous season, the members of Suddendeath were eager to participate and these are the places they got drafted to:
    Captains: carapace, bps
    Division 1: rst, grisling, lethalwiz, molecule, ok98
    Division 2: rio, locktar, andeh, trash
    Waterboys division 2: devogen, szybkilopez

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  • Match result: internal prac

    This night we had the privilege to play 3 maps of 4on4 with what in beforehand seemed as good teams. That meaning carapace and bps supervising cara´s older brother (and waterboy) dvgn aswell as the trigger-happy locktar, against the somewhat more balanced lineup of rst, grisling, lethalwiz and rio. The series started out with a rape on dm3, followed up by a comeback on dm2, and finally decided in a tight game on e1m2.

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  • Hymn of Hope 2on2 - Summary

    Hymn of Hope logo jpg by bps

    This last sunday the final day of the Hymn of Hope tournament took place. All teams from Suddendeath had been knocked out apart from one, carapace & bps. With their eyes set on the gold, the games commenced.Starting off with carapace oversleeping and bps being hungover, a brutally honest game against rikoll & xenic took place in the Winner Bracket semi finals.

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What we are

Suddendeath is a finely aged QuakeWorld TDM clan that was founded around 1997 by Trash. Ever since, activity has varied but throughout the passing of time the clan has established itself as one of today´s very best TDM clans.
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