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Interview with Trash after Salvation Draft Div 2 victory

This sunday, our homeboys trash and rio showed their opponents where the locker shall stand! It was the Grand Final, in second division, between Ganon Team 2 and Paradoks Team 2. Our guys took it home convincingly with 3-1 in maps. Just after the victory, molecule headed out into the mixed zone where press can interact with players, and got hold of trash for a short interview. Read on to hear what the Godfather has to say!

sd-m0lle: Congratulations to the victory! nice! feelings?
sd-trash: Thanks! First of all I want to congratulate Heddan to the silver medal. It feels good like hell to be div2 champions =)

sd-m0lle: Before we move forward with the victory interview, tell us a bit about yourself?
sd-trash: Oh well! I have 41 in shoe size (EU/FR), dark haired, very good looking according to my mom, always happy and I very rarely get angry.

sd-m0lle: How nice! Let's get straight to it, What do you think about bps picking Hooraytio to his B-team (picking him just before Trash)
sd-trash: It was a big fucking punch to the face. Here I have been running Sudden death alongside bps all these years, and the guy picks Hooraytio instead of me? But it became his downfall, they sucked and we won!

sd-m0lle: Anything special you would like to say to bps or Hooraytio?
sd-trash: GO HELL!
sd-m0lle: I will pass that on to both of them.

sd-m0lle: Before games, Do you have any ritual that you do? Maybe a lucky charm?
sd-trash: I always try to go to bed early the night before. Then I also have 7 Wunderbaums in a box that I get out and smell right before I type ready.

sd-m0lle: I saw on your wiki page that you have won NQR season 5, 8 and NQR CMT. How high do you rank this victory?
sd-trash: This beats everything right now just because Hooraytio got picked before me by bps. So nice to shut their mouth up. Synth-poppers!

sd-m0lle: Have you received any injuries due to playing qw?
sd-trash: A pair of broken ribs through the years, but you just have to bite the bullet. I feel no pain at all!

sd-m0lle: Congratulations yet again! What do you feel the reason for your success was, and how was your feelings prior to the final?
sd-trash: The foundation of the team is clearly me. Then we have 3 other players running around trying to do the best they can while I clean up and get them new weapons etc. after they’ve died. The feeling before the final sucked due to me being hangover like a fucking dog!

sd-m0lle: This was the third season of Salvation, what do you think about the format?
sd-trash: I think it's ok. Fun with all the teams that you otherwise never would have the chance to play with. Cred to the admins!

sd-m0lle: Is there anything you’re missing?
sd-trash: Dahmer in div 1

sd-m0lle: Have you tips for the average Joe on how to become better in qw? Secret tips?
sd-trash: I can't share all my tricks since then the whole qw scene would probably steal all my stuff, but there’s not that many shortcuts I guess. Fresh Wunderbaums and a whole lot of hours playing.

sd-m0lle: Last question. Best & worst qw memory?
sd-trash: The absolute worst memory is the moment when I hear bps say "I pick Hooraytio" - At that moment a part of me died. I don't really have any best memory, but it sure was nice to clean up in div2 during the draft =)

sd-m0lle: Thanks for all the nice answers! Anything you would like to add?
sd-trash: Get eql started ffs!

Thanks for the interview and huge congratulations to the victory!



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Me to!