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Hymn of Hope 2on2 - Summary

Hymn of Hope logo jpg by bps

This last sunday the final day of the Hymn of Hope tournament took place. All teams from Suddendeath had been knocked out apart from one, carapace & bps. With their eyes set on the gold, the games commenced.Starting off with carapace oversleeping and bps being hungover, a brutally honest game against rikoll & xenic took place in the Winner Bracket semi finals. Carapace & bps, playing far from par, came out ahead in that showdown with a narrow 3-2 victory.In the Winner Bracket finals milton & maga awaited them, the number one seed of the tournament bringing some crazy teamplay and gamesense to the table. Carapace & bps were only able to steal one map from them in their road to the Grand Finals, DM6. A bit surprising as it is a map barely played by our Suddendeath duo, but that holds true perhaps for the entirety of the community.In the loser bracket, carapace & bps once against faced off against rikoll & xenic, but this time sweeping the series in quick fashion with a solid 3-0 victory. Rikoll and xenic who had recently taken out the powerful duo in persuader & mazer. So it was set, persuader & mazer placing 4th, rikoll & xenic placing 3rd and Suddendeath´s team were to face off once again against the finnish powerhouses milton & maga.Just like in the previous series, carapace & bps took home the DM6, but lost the others. The biggest surprise being the devastation that occured on DM4, where milton & maga went into a blood craze and did not leave alot of openings for our home team. So we congratulate milton & maga in winning the tournament, only dropping two maps of DM6 to the Suddendeath duo in the entire tournament. Also a big congratulations to our home team in carapace & bps who took the silver medal in this stacked tournament.The following pictures show screenshots of the Grand Finals.