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  • Finally... WE ARE CHAMPS OF EQL!!

    When i started this clan back in -97 i had one goal... we were going to be nr1. Ofcourse back then I didnt realize that i needed 15 years to get the right team together to make it all the way =) We have had so much players passing through the clan over the years, and its been both worse but also very very strong players. We have never really got it together in the lineups to get all the way to the very top, even though we have been very close several times. This years eql we decided early that we were going to have a lineup of 4 players only.

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  • SD vs. tVS, 5 map prac

    Finally some games again, and 5 in a row was just more than anyone could ask for. And the fact that it was close and exciting games didn't make it any worse.
    We should now take the chance to welcome ganon to our primary team, and he played really well in this series. Welcome on board, mate!

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  • Amazing... just FUCKING AMAZING!!!

    Let me tell you a little story about beeing a part of the best clan in the world, with the best friends a guy can have! Im in a situation in life where i struggle hard financially after i had a business crashed some years ago. I have never had problems before moneywise, but this thing broke me,,,totally. This means that the money we have as a familly goes to make a living,,not much else. As time goes by we all know computers gets faster, the games more demanding etc. Even for hardcore qw these days you need a good setup.

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  • QWenya

    Carapace wins the first QWenya Duel Tournament ever, not dropping a single map. He won the finals versus old school duelist and fellow countryman phantasy.

      Demopack from carapace´s games:

      Some spoiler screenshots from the grand finals follows in the gallerythumbs.

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  • Salvation 3

    Like previous seasons, both bps and carapace was given the oppurtunity to captain their own teams. The majority of SD members however ended up in rikoll´s team; ok98, lethalwiz and molecule. As a short breakdown of the tournament, bps´ team got knocked out early with his strong first pick in SD member rst. Rikoll´s team reached the semifinals fueled by SD power all the way and carapace´s team lost a 1-3 game in the finals to Milton.

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What we are

Suddendeath is a finely aged QuakeWorld TDM clan that was founded around 1997 by Trash. Ever since, activity has varied but throughout the passing of time the clan has established itself as one of today´s very best TDM clans.
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